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Dulaney Holding Corporation
PO Box 5381
Goodyear, AZ 85338

Phone: (602) 699 6388

Email: info@dulaneycorp.com
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Dulaney Software Group
This company specializes in the development of software. We can develop all types of desktop or SAAS apps. We can make all your software goals a reality without breaking the bank. We can make software for Windows, Linux, Raspberry PI, MacOS, iOS, Android.
This company specializes in software games. Dulaney-Interactive makes animated wallpapers and screensavers for the pc. We have a few games currently in development for the pc and we are making a few mobile games for Android and iOS for 2022.
Jeffrey Dulaney.com
Jeffrey Dulaney.com is a website developed for the founder and CEO of Dulaney Holding Corporation. The website is currently in development and will include books, mentorship and consulting and Blockchain information & more.
This Corporation provides Full I.T. Solutions. The company consists of services and products designed for businesses, startups, and the general public looking into getting into business. We offer automation, hosting, programming, mobile & more.
ESimpleHosting is a cheap web hosting service by Eactivent Inc. The service offers cheap hosting plans starting at $5.99 a month. We offer a 99.9% server uptime. The service is mostly used as a service for our many web design clients worldwide. We offer 1 stop shopping for all your I.T. needs.
Credit Boss The Book was written to answer most of the credit repair questions out there without having to sign up for a special expensive course..
Credit Boss The Book
Store your company information in an organized way with Biz Credit Profile and make applying for large business loans simpler and more efficient. Easy way to build business credit Today! Visit the site now for more information.
Biz Credit Profile
Dulaney Recordings was birthed out of the mind of our founder Jeffrey Dulaney and his love for the saxophone. He also plans to take on more acts and help bring their music to the world. You will find music of musician Jeffrey Dulaney & more.
Dulaney Recordings
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Dulaney Real Estate will in invest in single family homes and apartment complexes. This business is currently in development. Please check back soon.
Digital Real Estate Gen.
Dulaney Publishing
Dulaney Publishing will provide diverse Health, Finance, Business and Personal Developmenrt books for individuals. The best investment is in ourselves.
This website supplies you the knowledge and education in regards to Digital Real Estate. It provides an ebook that can be purchased at a great rate. Private consultation can also be purchased individually to get you started.
Our Worlde will be an online community for intelligent black people to engage with one another and network together. Freedom of speech will be available in our community. Along with health tips, news, entertainment and jobs & more.
Our Worlde

About DHC

Dulaney Holding Corporation is a new holding company created in 2022 as a Delaware C Corporation. The company was founded by Jeffrey A. Dulaney to take ownership and protection of the many diverse ever growing companies in the portfolio. Currently, we are really focused on the Real Estate Industry, Information Technology Industry, Media Industry and the Music Industry.

We are currently updating and reorganizing a few of the companies products, websites etc. So, if you visit a property that we own please know this and visit at a different time. Please browse the website and our companies. If you have any problems while browsing the website please send an email to the email address below, or you can use the contact form and a representative will reply shortly. We currently have limited staff at this location. So, calls will be returned in 72 hours. Email is the quickest contact method.
Dulaney Holding Corporation
Dulaney Mobile
Dulaney Mobile develops mobile Android, IOS and PWA apps. Our apps start at only $999.00. We can devlop apps of any kind and bring your app ideas to life. To submit a quote and learn more about our services. Please click the button below.
We design website privacy policies free of charge. We believe that all websites should have a privacy policy, and we want to make it easy and possible for everyone to have one. You can visit free-policies.com to get yours today. Their is no hidden fees and the service is 100% free.
Free-Privacy Policies
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